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Student Questions & Answers

Students on ballisterWhat about a master degree in liberal studies appealed to you?

Karin Shipman: The choice of such fantastic classes. Creative Nonfiction changed my life.

What helped you to make the decision to join the MLS program at Rice?

John King: The quality of the professors, and the fact it is a Rice program.

Now that you’ve been in the program, what would you tell someone considering pursuing a Master in Liberal Studies degree?

Peter Boudreaux: I would tell them that there are general paths you can follow within the program, and though it will become obvious to you which subjects are of most interest, still take classes that challenge your preconceptions of your abilities. You may be surprised what you learn – about yourself.

Diana Burgos: Be ready to be amazed and mesmerized by a program that opens your eyes to a new world of innovation and higher intellectual thinking.

Has anything about the program surprised you?

Robert La Raia: I would say that the bonds I’ve formed with my classmates, and the varied ages of the participants have been a pleasant surprise.

How has the program enriched your life?

Mayada Al-Kaisi Coleman: This program has introduced me to books, plays, articles, schools of thought, ideas, experiences that I may have never encountered or otherwise tackled had I not been exposed by this experience.

Vivian M. Arcidiacono: It has given me superior confidence and pride allowing me to face the next decade in our modern ever-growing workforce. In addition, it has opened my world to endless possibilities, making me feel like “the world is my oyster” again.

Cheryl Thompson: Just recently, I wrote the following status statement on my Facebook page: “My presumed knowledge of the world, of people, and or things is constantly evolving. I’m amazed by the radical shifts in thought and philosophical changes that I’ve been going through of late.” … It offers a unique opportunity to get a better understanding of things that are important to me, a chance to be taught by renowned and highly-acclaimed scholars, and a gift of a world-class education.