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MLS Alumni Society

We would like to welcome the official MLS alumni association who founded their board in the fall of 2013. The impetus for this new group arose during an MLS Writer’s Group meeting where many of the alumni attendees revealed that they came to see each other, not necessarily to share their writing. Karin Shipman, who graduated in 2012, lead this initiative and formed the charter board.

The Alumni Charter Board includes:

Louis Bland ’13 Bill Chaney ’09
Virginia Clark
Margaret Denson ’09
Carlos Fernandez ’10
Vicky Gresik
John King
Linda Martin
Wanda Pan ’09
Luisa Parra ’12
Peggy Roe ’13
Karin Shipman ‘12
Joy Yeager ’11 
Lisa Yelenick ’13 

These members were selected for their commitment to and engagement with the MLS program.

During their second meeting, the charter board formed the association’s mission statement: The Rice University Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) Alumni Association seeks to provide an ongoing relationship among graduates, the program and the university through activities that promote educational, intellectual and social opportunities offered by the degree.

To learn more or to get involved with the MLS Alumni Association, please contact Kylie Vincent at 713-348-2856 or kvincent@rice.edu.